Natural Remedies For Eczema In Babies

Babies’ skin is incredibly sensitive, and can be irritated by even the
smallest of things. So, it’s hardly surprising that baby eczema is such
a big problem. While there are medicinal means of treating adult eczema,
many parents will not want to use such a strong eczema treatment for babies’
faces, arms and other parts of their bodies. Their skin is delicate, which
is why we recommend these five gentler home remedies, which can help to
alleviate and provide relief from the discomfort of baby eczema:

1. Coconut oil

As a baby eczema treatment, coconut oil is one of the best natural remedies
out there. A thin layer on the skin not only has a moisturising effect,
but also helps to cool and relieve skin. Cold pressed coconut oil also
has antibacterial properties, which can help if your baby’s eczema is
prone to infection.

2. A humidifier

Eczema is a cause of dry skin – and dry air can make this far worse.
Try putting a humidifier in your baby’s bedroom at night to keep the air
(and the skin) moist.

3. An oatmeal bath

Ground oatmeal has a long history as a means of relieving skin irritation
and itching. Oatmeal baths are a treatment that appears to work for some
infants – it’s a very affordable option that’s worth a try. Place a handful
of ground oatmeal in a sock, and hold it under the taps while the bath
is running.

4. Calendula-based baby eczema creams

For centuries, marigold flowers have been used to treat skin conditions,
including eczema. Natural creams containing calendula may help your baby:
as an eczema treatment for babies’ heads and other areas of affected skin,
try applying a thin layer of cream regularly. Calendula is believed to
eliminate bacteria, reduce inflammation and help the skin to heal. You
can either buy a ready-made baby eczema cream, or purchase calendula extract and mix
it with pure coconut oil for homemade relief.

5. Vitamin D, or sunshine

Research suggests that low vitamin D levels can make eczema and other
allergies worse. If your child’s eczema is worse in the gloomier months
and you’re looking for an eczema treatment for babies’ scalps and elsewhere,
try getting them out into the sunshine when possible, being careful to
avoid their skin burning. If a lack of sunlight is a problem where you
are, then a multivitamin supplement designed specifically for young children
– and one that contains plenty of vitamin D – is well worth a try.